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Academic Program

Our academic program integrates the different faculty programs with extra-curricular activities is achieved through seminars and debates aimed at developing logic and dialogic skills, following the concepts of medieval "quaestiones disputatae" and English college "debating societies".

These activities consist in:

Student involvement in all the above activities is not compulsory, though we strongly encourage to choose at least one.

Fall Semester - Seminars:

Spring Semester - Seminars



Reading groups:

Conferenza per la giornata di porte aperte del College



Conferenza per la serata di inaugurazione del College



Attendance Policy

At the end of their university program, Aristotle College students are issued with a further certificate of attendance to prove their participation in the College’s extra-curricular activities, tutoring and philanthropic work. This certificate may be listed in the student’s CV and represents a prestigious extra university diploma.

Tutoring and Philanthropy

Tutoring implies student active participation in assisting the younger students with individual lessons.
Voluntary work is carried out by students engaging in the Social Services Programs provided by the Ticino Canton.

Sports and Leisure

The outdoor common areas comprise a basketball court, a grass soccer field and other tennis and badminton equipment. Students are free to use these facilities.
Furthermore, students are encouraged to propose matches and team sports using the nearby sports ground which offers tennis courts, a soccer field and a Finnish Track.

Cultural Activities in Lugano

The city of Lugano is home to a wide range cultural, recreational and social events.
Please visit the websites below for further information: